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Some Pieces of My Career


Ranking For 0 Keywords to 17 In 6 Months

Based on my case study from 2022

I developed and executed a blog strategy for a company that needed a copywriter that believed in their work and understood it. They needed someone that was able to help them go from no targeted keyword rankings to leading in industry keywords. 

In 6 months, they ranked in the 10 ten on google for 17 targeted keywords and outranked their biggest competitor. 

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Landing Pages That Launch Epic Coaches

Starting out a coaching business is hard, but with me by your side... we got this!

Catherine is a motorsports racer and mentor and has an incredible strategy to help racers build a brand and gain high-paying sponsorships. She is out here changing the motorsports industry for the betterment of everyone involved. 

But new ideas are hard to define and even harder to launch. In our ongoing work, we develop sales funnels and marketing strategies to help her attract the right student for her program so she can start a motorsports revolution!


Fractional CMO That Believes In Your Mission

Websites, emails, and funnels, oh my!

Lex is my ride-or-die. We have been working together since the beginning of her business. Over time, her website has evolved and continues to grow and change. And I am there for it all as her fractional CMO. 

Website needs sprucing? I got it! Audience needs honing? I'm on it! Together, we are building her business and making a difference in the lives of her clients and students. 

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Got a project in mind?

You can click the link below to set up a call. We will chat about your business needs, and I'll make some recommendations.  Then I'll send you a  proposal to help you meet your goals.


You can also check out my Radical Next Level Offers to see what tickles your fancy!

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