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Why Copywriting Is a Great Career for Autistic/Neurodiverse People

As someone who’s been actively involved with the Autistic Community for the last 10+ years, I can say that everyone has their limits, whether you’re Neurotypical or Neurodiverse. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go past your limits.

When you think of Autistic or Neurodiverse people in the workforce, what do you normally think of? For many people, the first thing that comes to their minds are cleaners, organizers, or any job with a repetitive, simple, step-by-step nature to it.

Those jobs are fine, and I’ve seen many Autistic individuals thrive, and this was a perfect job for them. But for others — like yourself — these jobs are boring and limit your potential.

Autistic or Neurodiverse people tend to have a particular interest in a specific topic(s) that they know so much about. The kids and adults I work with that have this focused interest in something — talk about it with so much knowledge and passion. You just get sucked into what they’re saying, even if the topic isn’t one you’re overly interested in.

This got me thinking — what if there was a career out there where Neurodivergent people could:

  • Express their passion

  • Talk about it to their heart's content

  • Have a consistently growing career

  • Make a livable income

  • Earn independence

After doing some research, I found a career that hit all of the points and more. That career that would allow them to continue focusing on something they love is copywriting.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting may be a career you’ve never heard about until now, but trust me when I say you see copywriting at work every day.

Where exactly?

  • Any blog post you read about your favorite topics

  • The content you read on a website you visit

  • The descriptions for the products you buy or the services you apply for

  • The emails you get from companies about deals they’re having or going to have

  • The newsletters you get from businesses

  • And more

Copywriting or freelance writing is a type of persuasive writing within the marketing industry that’s meant to motivate people to perform some action. The action can be:

  • Buy a product

  • Schedule an appointment

  • Click on a link

  • Donate to a cause

  • Sign up for an email list

Copywriters are used within every successful business in any industry out there. Businesses use their writers so that they’ll show up first on Google or other search engines when you look up certain keywords that relate to their business.

Depending on what your wants, needs, and comfort levels are, you can either work as an employee for a company or you can start your own business — be your own boss.

The possibilities as a copywriter are endless.

Why is Copywriting a Good Career for Neurodiverse/Autistic People?

Now that we know what copywriting is, why is it a good career for neurodivergent people?

Because marketing and writing are in every type of industry out there. For those on the spectrum who have a specific passion for a certain topic or field — your knowledge on the topic can help the target audience understand and learn better from you than anyone else. Freelance writing would allow you to spend your time researching things you already love, which just makes working even more fun.

Copywriting is nothing like the type of writing you do in school.

When you write, you’re writing how you would in a diary or a journal. When you read your writing aloud — it sounds like you’re having a conversation with someone about your desired topic.

For people with that neurodivergent brain, you wouldn’t need to worry about sounding professional, you would write like you were telling another person about what your product or service is about.

Sounds great, right? Well, it may just get better…

Copywriting is mainly a remote career. Unless you choose to be employed with a particular company that has you come in an office — you can work from the comforts of your own home or wherever you choose to write.

So, if you don’t care for a lot of social stimulation, then you don’t have to. Other than communicating with the businesses you’re writing for, you don’t have to interact with anyone else.

Whether you choose to physically work with others or not can be entirely up to you.

As you grow more experience in the field and your writing skills improve — you can start raising your rates and earning more money to help you gain that financial independence.

How You Can Excel in Copywriting

There’re many ways you can start your career as a copywriter. All of these ways are successful, it’s just a matter of deciding which way is the best route for you. But with any route you choose to take — you will become successful if you start writing.

That’s it — write something anything and keep working on it. Building it. Improving it. With time your writing will become better, and soon you’ll be an expert in the field.

Another important thing to work on to excel as a writer is to build a business mindset. Reading mindset books like

  • The Slight Edge by: Jeff Olson

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by: Dale Carnegie

  • 10X Rule by: Grant Cardone

  • And more.

Will help you build that self-confidence and perseverance to become a successful person overall.

Reading books on copywriting or freelance writing will help you improve your writing. Over time your writing will captivate your audience with more ease and motivate them more to perform the desired action. Some good books for this are…

  • Breakthrough Copywriting: How to Generate Quick Cash with the Written Word by David Garfinkel

  • A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters by Dan Nelken

  • Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff

  • And more.

A good thing to remember is that you are you. Whether you are neurotypical or neurodiverse — you will move at your own pace. I say this because even I have fallen into the dark hole of comparing myself to others. It’s crucial to remember that you will move and work at your own pace, and that is fine. You will still succeed if you put in hard work and effort. Unlike school, no one is rushing you to keep up.

How to Start A Copywriting Career

As I mentioned, you can take different routes to start your career. All of these different routes can be successful if you put in the time and effort for them to be successful. Your motivation and determination will be the leading factors to your success.

Copywriting Courses/Classes

Some people (myself included) sign up for copywriting courses, which will guide you on how to write but also how to start a business. It’s similar to taking an online course for college, except you don’t have to take any exams, and attendance isn’t mandatory (yay).

Pros of taking a copywriting course:

  • Great way to educate yourself if you know absolutely nothing about this type of career.

  • More guided way of learning, which means far less guesswork.

  • You get more community support from other writers.

  • May provide more work opportunities.

  • Will also improve your business maker mindset.

Cons to taking a copywriting course:

  • Can be expensive, depending on the course.

  • A financial investment

  • Some courses are a scam, sadly, so be careful of which you choose to sign up with.

The course I started my career journey with is Write Your Way To Freedom. I love this course because of the community-based feel and the acceptance it has for all niches. There’s a Neurodiversity group within the course for those on the spectrum to bond and work with each other.

Even though this course and others like it is an investment — through my experience — they’re worth it. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance and support from this course and others like it.

Going, Solo

Of course, you can always just start on your own without any courses. Copywriting doesn’t require a certificate or degree to start a career in it.

Sites like Upwork, Indeed, and LinkedIn have plenty of writing opportunities for freelance writers of all sorts. These sites can be nice for building a resume or building a client list. If just diving in and going for it is your style — then you may find it beneficial to start a Medium account.

Medium is a website where writers can post their blogs. Not only will this help you build a portfolio, but it’s a great way to start writing and consistently work on your skills. You can also link the blogs you write to your website — this will help build your website’s credibility. Medium is also a great place to read others’ articles within or outside of your niche, so you learn from others and stay in the loop about what’s of interest in your niche.

Being an Employee

If entrepreneurship isn’t your cup of tea, then you can be employed as a copywriter for a company of your choosing. There are plenty of companies that will train you or hire you as a copywriter on their marketing team.

However, if you have no experience or education in marketing, then gaining experience first would work in your favor. You can gain this experience by working smaller jobs on Upwork or finding junior copywriting positions on sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. If you have a degree in marketing or communications, these will help get you hired more easily.

The nice thing is that most companies have copywriting as a remote position nowadays. So, if working at a desk in an office isn’t your style, but you don’t want to start your own business — don’t worry! There are still options that don’t include either of those.

A Copywriting Opportunity Just For YOU

Copywriting can be a hard field to jump into, no matter if you are Neurodiverse or Neurotypical.

Having someone who understands how to get through the mental struggles but who also understands what it’s like to be neurodiverse and start a writing business would be helpful, some would say.

Well, I’ve got news for you — that person exists.

Lauren is a copywriter who supports those on the Autistic and Neurodiverse spectrum in pursuing their own copywriting careers and businesses. Lauren offers coaching sessions to help newbies or those who are struggling with their businesses with some support and guidance on their new journeys.

To learn more about Lauren’s coaching sessions, click here to see which of her programs would better suit your needs.

About the Author: My name is Samantha Buntman. I am a Copywriter at Samantha Buntman Writing Services. I focus on writing for companies who support or could benefit the Autism community so that parents or those on the spectrum can find better resources.

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