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Three Keys To Understanding Your Audience and Where You Fit Into Their Lives

Your audience is everything. Most brands start with a general idea of who they want their audience to be and how they serve them, but it’s not till later that their audience helps them realize deeper truths about their brand.

This is why you often see brands change over time because they evolve with their audience.

To evolve with your audience, you need to gain a deeper understanding of who they are. While demographics are great, they are only the beginning. Going beyond their demographics gives you key insights into their values, worldview, and deeper desires, which can show you where you fit in.

This requires more thought, time, and digging on your part, but the result will make the effort will with it.

These three keys will help you better understand your audience, their deeper need, and how to figure out how to speak to them in a way they vibe with.

We All End Up In A Box

Your audience demographics are a nice and neat little box. Every company goes over these boxes that hundreds of thousands of people fit in. Sometimes they narrow down the box a little more to hone in.

The problem is a lot of companies stop there.

“Well, we know we work with mostly female millennials who are single moms and have (insert general problem here).”

It’s great information. You have nothing to build off of without knowing that your demographic is female millennials who are single moms. But keep in mind that it’s only the foundation.

Knowing the basics of your audience gives you some directions as to why they may like your brand, need your product or service, and choose you over your competitors. It also gives you a starting point for how you may speak with them and market to them.

Knowing that your demographic likes to hang out more on Instagram than Facebook and what general language will be a total turn-off sets up the basics of your copywriting and marketing strategy.

If you are rolling your eyes and saying, “Duh, Lauren… this is common sense.” Then good, I’m glad this is obvious and comes easy to you. But I’m just getting started, so hang in there. We are diving deeper.

We Are All Just Emotional Onions

The problem with demographics is that they have no emotions to them. People don't neatly fit into boxes. WE HAVE LAYERS!

The values that fall within your demographics are general and rarely give you the heart that is so valuable in your copy and marketing.

Many brands fail to know your audience’s values, desires, and worldview. They work more on trial and error to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

They put out campaigns with language more this way than that and see how it lands. If it does well, they do more of that. If not, they try something else till something works.

If you have the money to do that, then great, but I’m willing to bet that even if you do, you don’t want to go through several failed campaigns before you figure out what makes you money and builds your audience.

Learning the values and desires of your audience is what takes the most work.

As I mentioned in my post about ethical pain points, you have to get to know your customers on a personal level. Interviews, surveys, and social media deep dives can give you tons of valuable information that you can use to speak directly to their struggles, values, and deepest desires. It gives you a glimpse into their worldview.

In customer interviews and surveys, ask questions like:

  • What values are important to you?

  • What is something you’re struggling with?

  • What did you struggle with most before discovering our brand?

  • What attracted you to our brand?

  • What is something you wish our brand would do/say?

Questions similar to these that are customized for your brand and industry can give you insight into what your customers connect with most. And insight into the products, services, or messaging your customer needs more of.

If you want to do a social media deep dive, find the followers that are active in your community. The people who like and comment on your content the most and look into their life. Check out what they talk about on social media and the other content they like, comment on, and follow. This could give you a ton of info about problems they are actively trying to solve, their values, and their worldview.

Doing a social media deep dive and be really helpful and open your mind a bit more, but understand the people who already love your brand and spend their money on it are the people you want to find more of.

Be The Sam To Their Frodo

As you write your copy, ALWAYS keep in mind that you are not the hero in this story. Your customers are smart and not some damsel in distress looking for a rescuer.

They are the hero. They are the ring barrier. They are Frodo Bagons on a journey to solve a problem. You are Sam (and occasionally Gandalf, perhaps). You are there to support them on this journey.

When you start talking about carrying the ring for them, they are going to shy away. Why? Because this is their story, not yours. You are a key player in their system because, let’s be real, Frodo would have been totally screwed without Sam.

However, avoid doing one thing that Sam did wrong. When you see a problem… a golem, if you will… do go charging headstrong at it and start yelling about it. You’ll get yourself kicked out of the journey.

How you communicate and guide your customer to their own realization about what they need to do about their problem is going to make for a much better impact than going about it the way Sam did.

Now that you understand their values and your place in their world. You can speak directly to their needs and be the Sam they need in their life.

Before you can put pen to paper, you have to know who you’re talking to. If you truly want to help your customers take you up on that CTA to a better life, you have to understand them, their worldview, and where you fit into it. Once you have these three keys in place, you unlock some real potential!

As always, if you need support, I got you!

Book a call, and let’s talk about your business, goals, and customers.

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