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The Divine Spark: Igniting Spiritual Creativity for Life and Business

Updated: Jul 3

As an entrepreneur, have you ever thought about what it means to be spiritually creative? To find deep resonance within yourself and connect it to your business and feel the perfection of alignment?

If you have, you aren’t getting caught up in everything on your to-do list — because you take time to align with your priceless intuition and feel your path of least resistance.

It hasn’t always been easy to do, but listening to your heart and diving deeper by acting on your creative ideas is a radically true form of self-love.

Have you ever followed an impulse? You don’t know where it came from, or how you received it — but you just have to follow it and see where it leads.

It could be something so small, so insignificant at first.

Irony, coincidence, synchronicity— call it what you want, but we all know it means something. I was listening to this podcast from Spiritual University about the magic of spiritual creativity, on my way to surprise my father when serendipity struck me.

Serendipity’s Dance: When Two Ships Cross Paths

I was driving to my dad's house to bring him a Father’s Day gift. I felt an impulse to take a different exit, which led me to some construction — great.

“Oh, shoot. I went the wrong way.” I thought to myself.

Mind you, this was after already staying twenty minutes late after work to help out — and I usually leave on time.

I didn’t expect what happened next when I got to my Dad’s house.

He wasn’t at the house, but my older brother was! My brother, who lives over an hour away. Who I hadn’t seen in months. Running into each other — at our Dad’s house, and Dad wasn’t even there… Dad saw us on his front door camera and had himself a laugh — he was as surprised as we were!

I got to have a friendly chat and catch up with my brother, and connect again. It was empowering, it was uplifting. But it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t follow my intuition.

The little impulse that told me to take a different exit. The timing wouldn’t have been just right. We would have missed each other like two ships in the night.

So, what does it mean to live a spiritually creative life? To me, it means following your intuition — your gut feelings. Even when they don’t make sense. Because you never know where it is leading you, and you may be charmingly surprised.

The Art of Soulful Creation: What Is Spiritual Creativity?

Connecting in concert with the divine feminine that is within you, choosing to go softly and not rush your actions before you are truly ready. You find balance within yourself that radiates outwardly to your business — some call it soul-led.

You are at your best when you feel your best. Have you ever noticed yourself in a flow state? This is when you are so in tune with your well-being you are receiving flashes of inspiration.

Little whispers if you will — everything starts with your thoughts. What are you thinking about on a daily basis? Do you let stressful conditions rule your mind? Or are you having fun, playing with the universe?

What it looks like… you prioritize time every day for yourself to come back to your center. You take those little moments to breathe and really tune in to your heart and what feels right for you.

The Spiritual Key: Unleash Your Innate Power

Hey you, yeah youare you taking time to get grounded before going out into the world? Do you work on your mindset? Try meditating or go hug a tree! Don’t overthink it, don’t force it, and don’t try too hard. Let go, and release your thoughts.

Where your focus goes energy flows. Tap into your intuition and authenticity — and start feeling the spiritual creativity! Build your self-trust and don’t give any attention to limiting beliefs or doubts you may have. This is some great advice from the podcast I listened to about tuning into your own spiritual creativity — here’s the link to the episode.

Learn to trust in yourself and your path — and have some fun! What was something you loved doing as a kid? Do more of that — follow the fun. Remember what it was like to be a happy kid without a care in the world? Remember the magic inside of you, it’s still there I promise you… Ask yourself this question — what lights you up inside?

From Inspiration to Manifestation: Infuse Spiritual Creativity Into Your Daily Experience

Living a heart and soul-led life starts with cutting loose — learning to live a little without being too attached to the outcome. When you can learn to savor each moment as it unfolds, you realize that your life is this beautiful story that only you can tell.

Don’t skip to the end, your journey is the best part. Be courageous and trust your choices, you are being divinely guided every step of the way. Waiting for what feels right in your gut, now those are the best decisions you will ever make.

When you take inspired action from a place of openness and receiving, you are opening up so many doors around you. There is no doubt that you can feel it in your soul.

“Because if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a hell no.”

— Alan Cohen

Intuition is banging loudly on your door — will you answer your soul calling? Whether you know it or not, it’s guiding you to the next perfect step in your journey.

Lean on your patience, because it is so easy to be eager for the next thing. But the best things in life are not rushed, it is aligned and in perfect timing, in perfect harmony with your desires. Like running into your brother at your Dad’s house — on accident.

Make everything in your life art.

Show up daily with the intention to have fun and create a day worth remembering. By aligning yourself authentically to who you are — you can let go of expectations and limiting beliefs. You leave room for inspiration to flow and for your spirit to lead the way to the next exciting step.

It feels like fun, childlike wonder, it feels like curiosity and excitement. It feels like a flowing stream of alignment and clarity — it feels like satisfaction in every moment.

This satisfaction will overflow into your business because it is who you are at your core.

Just remember these two words when searching for your own spiritual creativity — ease and flow. If it’s not coming easily — take a nap or listen to this podcast about spiritual creativity.

Transcend Limitations: Embracing Spiritual Creativity in Business

Everybody loves an ethical entrepreneur. Don’t be afraid of taking aligned action within your marketing and messaging — people over profit instead of profit over people.

We are all tired of being fear-mongered into buying something that ends up being in our trash cans a week later. But hey, we live and learn right? We learn to trust people that are true to their words and give value to their customers, those are the people we want to do business with.

Give yourself grace and move forward, learn to pivot without judgment — you are always learning. Take a growth mindset into your work, the world is ever-evolving and constantly changing.

What does your unlimited life look like? Channel your inner Rihanna spirit — you are the powerhouse! What does that fantastic and wonderful life look like? What feels like the next delicious chapter in your life?

Do more of that.

There is a global rising happening — people are rallying together for ethical business. And entrepreneurs know that now is the time to be heard and for their values to shine.

Co-creating with other like minds, and feeling a community sense of together we rise — we learn to lift each other up without tearing anybody down.

That’s a dream worth fighting for, don’t you think?

Empowering Your Life’s Journey: Unveil the Essence of Spiritual Creativity in Your Life

Know that what is meant for you will not pass you by — life bends for the courageous. The universe’s timing is always perfectly in sync with the next step for you. You know that by being in tune with yourself, you make decisions from a place of deep love and resonance with your inner being, and you take aligned action.

Sometimes, that means you follow an impulse that leads you down a road you didn’t intend to take.

But what’s waiting for you is so sweet, so amazing, and so worth every stop along the way. Follow that flash of inspiration, and see where it takes you. You never know what is around the corner, everything starts with your thoughts. Follow these nuggets of wisdom, conduct your own thought experiment, and remember — it’s all connected.

What it looks like… you trust and know yourself and are good at what you do - the right people and opportunities come to you effortlessly, as if you are a magnet for them. You make plans but go with the flow of what feels right. You know that whatever it is — when you see it, you'll know it.

Watch the video below or click THIS LINK to hear my favorite podcast episode by The Spiritual University and learn what spiritual creativity in your life and business looks like for you.

About The Author: I help heart-centered businesses in the metaphysical and spiritual realm to nurture their audience and grow their brands with conscious copywriting that focuses on bringing value to the right customers and increasing your sales ethically. I love helping businesses that genuinely care about improving people’s lives by enhancing the abundance outwardly from within.

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