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Sales Funnels: Should you invest in one, and are they really worth it?

You've worked hard in your business, and to invest thousands of dollars in a sales funnel maybe seems ridiculous. So, why should you even consider it? Is it really worth it?

After the popularity of my 5 Sales Funnel Tips post, I decided to continue the sales funnel conversation. However, this post is about the why's of investing in a sales funnel. These things are not cheap; I'll be honest with you. But they are well worth the investment!

Why Start A Sales Funnel?

Get in front of the right people

It goes without saying that if you want to have a successful business, you have to get in front of the right people. You've probably already spent some time thinking of your ideal customer or developing a customer persona.

Now that you have an idea of who you serve, you have to find a way to introduce yourself. Part of what makes a sales funnel so awesome is the marketing strategy that goes with it. When developing a funnel, you can design it around that ideal customer and walk them through the customer's journey.

For example, if you are a coach with a program that helps clients overcome mental blocks around money so they can manifest success, you may want to have a blog, social media ads, a Pinterest, and maybe a google ad at the top of your funnel.


To really catch their eye, make your offering clear, and provide value upfront. Lead magnets like ebooks or webinars are great for providing value upfront, giving them a taste of the magic. It's basically the free samples of marketing.

Once you caught their eye, you have to get them moving towards the gold. Here is where email marketing and/or a good landing page comes in. These can be used to speak directly about your customer's problems and lead them toward a solution, i.e., your program.

Email sales sequences and landing/sales pages take your prospective customer through a little emotional journey. First, they are interested but maybe question if you really get it or are just trying to make money. Show them how much you get where they are and speak directly to what you know they struggle with.

Then, show them your greatness, what you are offering them in the program, and what that means in their real life. Testimonials are a must, but one thing a lot of companies (especially those who are new to sales funnels) struggle with is the handling of objections part.

I know that your automatic thought is, "but Lauren, what if I put the idea in their head and they don't buy because of it?" That is scarcity mindset, and we don't do that here. We are building relationships, remember.

Handling your customer's objections upfront not only doubles down on the fact that you get them, but then you can show them the solution and continue directing them along the path. Handling objections is a vital part of the direction process and developing customer trust. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

Increase Sales of Specific Programs

You can build several funnels and designate them for specific programs. You can even take it a step further and connect funnels. This is more of that spider web system I mentioned in the original sales funnel blog post.

But, say you have a program that you know is a great program but is not selling well. There may be a funnel problem, or maybe you need to develop a funnel around that specific program.

You can be more specific in your blog posts, discussing topics relating to that specific program and leading them to a CTA that starts them on the journey to enrolling.

The fun thing about sales funnels is that they are so moldable. You can shape them to whatever your business needs are, and they give you gobs of information about your customer and how to better serve them.

Overcoming The Sale Funnel Price

We've already mentioned the scarcity mindset, but let's dive into that a bit more. When you want to dive into developing a funnel with a copywriter, that initial price tag can be scary, especially for those who are new to the system.

But remember, copywriting isn't the same as content writing. It's not just pretty words. There is an in-depth process that goes into the development. As copywriters, we have to look at it like a scientist, seeing the facts and numbers, and like an artist, creating the structure and emotional impact.

For example, I'll analyze my client's current system, have an in-depth meeting, and send out surveys before I even write a single word.

The important mindset shift for you as a business owner is knowing and having faith that this initial price tag can be returned to you 10 fold when done effectively.

If this is something you want to chat about, you can book a FREE call with me, and we can look into this possibility together.

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