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How to be Happy: Hacks for the Solo Entrepreneur

How to be happier...

Can we cut through the crap and be real for a hot minute? Owning your dream business can be exhilarating, but it can also be lonely. You have to make the tough decisions, and there's nobody to turn to for advice. It can be a lot of pressure, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I get you! My journey is similar to yours.

Searches for "How to be happier" reached its highest level in 17 years in March of 2023, according to Google Trends. This is likely due to the increased stress and anxiety of working from home during the pandemic and not returning to the office. People are looking for ways to combat the monotony and loneliness of working from home and to reduce their levels of stress. Today, I am sharing 5 hacks to help you to be happier where ever you are on your journey to world and market domination.

  1. Setting up your perfect workspace

  2. Surround yourself with objects you love

  3. Join a Group of like-minded entrepuneurer

  4. Pay attention to your eating habits

  5. Take time to go outside.

5 Hacks to Be Happier

1. Your Perfect Workspace: “What a Feeling?” (Hello, 80s music buffs!)

Since we have all been working from home long enough, we have all developed an appreciation for the importance of having a designated workspace. However, yours still may not look like what you were hoping. Having a workspace that is:

  • Comfortable

  • Organized

  • Inviting

This will help to keep you focused and productive. It should have everything you need to do your work, such as a comfortable chair. I can not stress the importance of investing in a quality office chair. There are many affordable options. In the immortal words of NIKE, “Just Do IT!” Your future self will thank you, and you can thank me by commenting and sharing this blog post! (JK, not really) These suggestions may seem like, “ duh,” but are you standing at the kitchen counter right now?

2. “Do more of what makes you happy” and Other Inspiration

Guess what? There is a psychology behind surrounding yourself with things you love. Yep, it’s true. Go look around your workspace.

  • Got a Picture of you on vacay?

  • Do you have some kick-ass inspiring quotes that help you get out of bed in the morning? (oops, that’s me.)

  • Seashell from the white sandy beach in Cancun, Mexico, where you went snorkeling for the first time? ( Again, my bad, that is on my desk, not yours!)

So, you get my point, right? Basically, psychology says it represents a good memory that is stored in our brains. That object helps us access that memory and brings back the happy feelings associated with it. Am I a counselor? Hell to the no, but I did spend 24 years teaching. I can tell you on Monday morning, when you think you can’t do this another day… it makes a difference.

3. Build your Perfect Network of Besties

Mean People Suck! Can I get a hell yeah? What if you were being mentored by the masters in your field? ( BTW, Lauren offers those services. Just saying) So…What’s stopping you? I guarantee those people have a blog, a newsletter, and probably an ebook or master class to share with you. They want you to stalk them! Now, for real people.

Find your perfect online community. Maybe it’s local, Maybe it’s a safe distance away, like say, 1200 miles, so there's not a chance you’d ever run into them at a grocery store or anything. They are out there, waiting for you. ( not in a creepy way) And guess what? You can totally break up with them if they aren’t adding any value to your relationship. (Any Swifties in the house?)

Some of the high-quality Facebook groups ( I know.. So old, right?) I frequent are:

and on the beauty of those days is share, share, share! Shameless self-promotion at its finest!

More high-quality Facebook groups that I am in:

  • Women’s Small Business Support

  • Women in Marketing

  • Successful Female Entrepreneurs

4. Your Mom Called…

...and she wants to know if you are eating all your vegetables. Drinking enough water? Seriously, if you are eating crap, you feel like crap. You aren’t 16 anymore. Your body and your mind work better when you put good things into them.

Once again, it’s science: When the body Is dehydrated it can cause you to have a hard time concentrating on your work. Eating can have the same effect on your body. Take it from moms everywhere: eat your veggies and drink more water!

5. Bring Back Recess

That's right, another thing that makes our bodies and brains feel good is fresh air. And a little bit of sunshine. You deserve a break today! And every day!

Your body gets vitamin D from the sun. Experts say anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, less time than it takes to get a sunburn. This is such a simple thing that you can do for yourself every single day. I’m ok, you’re ok. (Wasn’t that a self-help book in the 70s?) In fact, do it now. Step outside. You will feel the difference.

Start using these tips to be happier as a Solo- Entrepreneur

It’s time for you to give these five hacks a try. In fact, I challenge you to try one per day for five days. Then, comment below and let me know which one was your favorite and why. How’s that for Carpe Diem? Or some homework, depending on how you look at it. Today is your day. Knock the world on its butt!

About The Author: After spending over 2 decades teaching writing to the next generation, I am fusing that passion and my love for wild dreamers & entrepreneurs into one adventure for the next several decades. Find me at Locally Grown Media

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