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Business Mindset: Step Into Your Badassery, Harness That Growth Mindset, and Flourish

Why can some people move about the business world like a total badass? They turn down projects and still end up getting “lucky” with new ones. They command respect and exude confidence.

As an entrepreneur, you want to be this person. You want to have a thriving and fulfilling business and hit your goals. You want to turn down projects or partnerships that don’t vibe with you without feeling like there may not be another opportunity coming your way.

You are not lacking skills. You lack the right mindset. You can either stay in a business mindset of scarcity or step into a growth mindset rooted in abundance and confidence.

So here is the fork in the road.

You can read this, step into your badassery and head down a new path full of awesomeness. Or stay on the path you’ve been walking down your whole life, cross your fingers for a miracle, and hope for divine intervention.

Set Into Your Badassery

Well, you’re still reading this, so I’m guessing you’re choosing awesomeness. In that case, let’s get real, shall we?

Not everyone who starts a business starts in the same spot, mentally. Everyone has their hang-ups, limiting beliefs, and baggage. But if you’re an entrepreneur who is a woman, gender non-conforming, BIPOC, or queer. You have an extra layer of limiting beliefs because of the cishet patriarchal and racially biased society we all live in.

When you grow up questioning your worth because of factors outside your control, like your race, gender, or sexuality, that comes with a whole new level of baggage. Before you can fulfill your destiny of being a badass business owner, you have to overcome these limiting beliefs that were instilled in you by The Man.

This initial mindset shift into your innate badassery is the foundation for a flourishing business.

It’s time to put a new record on, babe. This same recording of your limiting belief that has been playing in your head your whole life is not serving you.

Do yourself a favor and rewrite them! Affirmations are a fantastic strategy in this, by the way!

If you are struggling with imposter syndrome. “Who am I to ask for this….” It is time to change that narrative to “I am resourceful and can overcome any obstacle.” “I am good at what I do, and I just keep getting better.” “I’m a badass business owner taking the industry by storm.”

It’s time to let go of what is no longer serving you and step into your badassery!

Need help with your affirmations? So glad you asked! Here are some of my favorites…

I choose faith over fear.

I am successful and a skilled (insert what you do). The right people see this and love working with me.

Money flows into my business easily and effortlessly because I am a damn badass business owner.

The important thing to remember about affirmations is that they should be in the present tense. None of this “gonna” crap. This is your new truth, and it is active the second you write it.

Growth Mindset

Have you heard the song, The Power of Yet? Or read the children’s book, The Magical Yet? They are all about the growth mindset. “Yet” opens up space for possibilities and gives you a light at the end of the tunnel.

We live in a society of scarcity mindset, and in business, especially as an entrepreneur, scarcity mindset is everywhere. We make bad decisions after bad decisions when we make them from a place of scarcity instead of abundance, growth, and authenticity.

A growth mindset is rooted in abundance. It gives you a sense of hope and keeps you open to new and better opportunities waiting for you just around the corner.

When you tap into an abundant growth mindset, you make decisions more aligned with your core values. You can confidently go after opportunities that you once thought you weren’t qualified for. This mindset allows you to learn and grow as you reach for the stars.

When a roadblock eventually happens, you may feel bummed and disappointed, but like all optimists, you know there is something better waiting for you to find it.

People with this way of thinking are more successful because they align themselves with the right opportunities and people. Their vision isn’t clouded by doubt and disbelief. They push past the point when others give up because they have faith in their abilities and mission.

Create a Flourishing Business

So, how does this mindset shift help you when marketing or running your business? Your mindset directly impacts marketing decisions, partnerships, how you treat employees…

Your mindset impacts everything in your business!


Obstacles, like a potential recession, will eventually come up. But with the right mindset, you can shift your limiting beliefs, and this is it; we are done for attitude to one that sees hidden opportunities and adapts as needed.

For example, take when Miller Brewing Company faced prohibition. Talk about an obstacle! Did they think about throwing in the towel? Sure, but they also thought about ways to persevere. They found new opportunities, like leaning into selling their non-alcoholic drinks and malt syrups. This went on for 13 years, but Miller prevailed.


Business owners with a scarcity mindset don’t take risks very often. You can see this in large companies as well as solo entrepreneurs. The thought is always the same. I’ll try it once the business is better. The problem is, sometimes, that risk has a potentially high reward.

Sometimes you have to throw a wet noodle at the wall and see if it sticks. The confidence of a badass with a growth mindset allows you to take risks that can potentially lead to greatness.


You know the old saying, it takes money to make money? It’s not famous for no reason. It’s true. You have to invest in your business if you want it to be successful.

Take a step back and look at all your opportunities. Who can you look to as an example? What weak points in your business might need to be looked at? Is there someone you can hire that might know how to solve this problem better than you?

For a business to flourish, you must have faith in your overall mission and love for your business.

Like Ms. Frizzle always says, “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!” When you try, you learn. When you learn, you grow. When you grow, you succeed. If you stay stuck in a scarcity mindset, you will never try, so you will never grow.

If you are ready to get past your scarcity mindset and invest in your business, book a discovery call with me and let’s find a way for me to help your business reach its greatest potential.

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