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5 Ways To Stay Motivated When Searching For Your Ideal Clients

Starting a copywriting business can be so many things: fun, exciting, adventurous, but also tiring and even discouraging at times. Every copywriter has been there and struggled in their own ways. I know I have!

But it’s a marathon, not a race. Whether you’re looking to expand your business to give yourself financial freedom, travel more, have more time for your family and friends, or all of the above, you’ll get there!

Finding clients can be a tough yet rewarding process. It takes time, practice, and resilience, but ultimately when you get that first client, it’s invigorating and motivates you to get out there and get more.

But what happens when it’s just…not all happening? You may feel unmotivated or ready to call it quits, but not so fast! If you’re feeling down on yourself, here are some tips and tricks for you to stay motivated when searching for your ideal clients.

Reach Out To Your Network

Being a copywriter means you probably have other copywriting friends or people you’ve connected with over time that share your same love of writing and being creative. Think of the people in your network and reach out to them.

Say, “Hey friend, I’m kinda struggling over here with finding clients. Any suggestions?” Or ya know, something like that. Chances are they’ve been there before, too, and maybe even have a person or two to connect with.

If your network of copywriter friends isn’t doing it for you, think of family or friends outside of the copywriting business that may need help.

Maybe your hairdresser cousin needs help with her social media so she can gain more clients.

Or what if your uncle is confused about why the website for his freelance handyman business isn’t getting the traffic he wants?

Or maybe your mom heard someone talking at work about their daughter needing help with product descriptions for her Etsy store.

Thinking outside the box, reaching out to the people around you, and asking questions can get you further than you think.

Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Up With People You Haven’t Gotten a Response From

Whether you’re cold-emailing, using LinkedIn, or sliding into those DMs, silence from those you’ve reached out to doesn’t necessarily mean the answer is “no.”

There could be a plethora of reasons why a potential client didn’t reach out after the initial pitch, but there’s no shame in a follow-up. Just as long as you’re not bombarding them with constant DMs or emails. That might get you a block and report, and you don’t want that reputation.

After a week, if the person you reached out to hasn’t responded back, give them a gentle reminder that you’re still interested.

Something like, “Hi there! I was following up on my last email about wanting to help tell (insert business name here) story. I know you’re incredibly busy, which is why I wanted to reach out again to offer my services.”

If it’s a dream client of yours, wait another week, and send another follow-up. If both times you haven’t gotten a response, it might be time to look elsewhere. But, hey, there’s someone out there who is just waiting for someone like you to land an email or DM in their inbox and help them out.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Now, this one may be the hardest one to stick to. Comparing ourselves to others is just human nature, and it takes most people a conscious effort to not do that.

It’s difficult to look at your peers who you think may be ahead in the game of life, or look to your fellow copywriters and wonder why you’re not making the amount of money they’re making yet. But don’t worry, you’ll get there.

Everyone measures success differently, so don’t measure yours with others. Instead, account for all the goals you have reached thus far. You started a business, for Pete’s sake! Not many people can say the same. Just remember, you can do this, you have your own path, and you will reach your goals in due time.

Take Breaks

If you’re anything like me, you want to achieve your goals as quickly as you can. That means no breaks, no time off, if you have free time you have to spend it building your business. Every minute spent not doing that, is just a minute wasted.


Of course, you want to achieve your goals quickly, but taking breaks is essential. You avoid burnout, discouragement, and feeling overwhelmed this way. If you start feeling like this, take a day to focus on other things.

Put those dishes away that have been sitting in the sink for three days, take your dog for a walk, catch up on the newest episodes of The Kardashians, or just do….nothing.

Taking breaks is beneficial because once that break is over, you feel refreshed and ready to get back out there with a renewed mindset.


Reaffirming yourself that you’re on the right track, those clients will come, and that you’ll achieve your goals is important for your mindset and to keep your business going.

Affirmations don’t have to come in the form of looking in the mirror and telling yourself you’re a rockstar... because, for some, it might feel awkward or cheesy. But if that’s your thing, then go ahead!

Some other examples of self-affirmations are:

  • Putting sticky notes on your notebook or putting virtual ones on your laptop desktop with motivational quotes.

  • Listening to motivational and inspirational music.

  • Journal about how you’ll feel when you finally get that dream client of yours, but make sure to use the present tense as if it’s already happening. It’ll make a more positive impact on your mindset.

Being a copywriter has its struggles and its rewards, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to not lose motivation. You picked this career for a reason, and even though it may not be going exactly as you’d hoped, there are still so many opportunities out there to work with your ideal clients. And if you ever find yourself losing that motivation, come back here and know that I’ve got your back!

Click HERE to learn more about my coaching page and how you can take the extra steps to stay motivated.

About The Author: Maggie has a passion for the creative, meaning if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box approach to building your business, standing out in the e-commerce world, or making your social media page the most liked and engaged in your industry, then check out her website HERE.

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