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3 Key Tips for Copywriting That Connects With Your Customer and Grows Your Business

Whether you're trying to sell a product or service or start a revolution with your ideas, copywriting is essential to communicate your message effectively. It’s a combination of art and science. Too much of one, and it’s artsy and unclear. Too much of the other, and it’s disconnected and flat.

Developing the skill to balance the two is the craftsmanship of good copywriting.

There are three foundational keys to good copywriting that help elevate any marketing strategy and can take any launch or campaign to the next level. So, if you want copywriting that deeply connects with customers, inspires action, and ensures they become lifelong fans, follow these tips!

The Foundation of Good Copywriting

If you want copywriting that does the job you intend it to do, such as selling your product, service, or idea, you need to understand the core desire of your audience and speak clearly to that.

The make or break of copywriting is in understanding your audience and what motivates them.

We all have surface-level ideas of any target demographic, but to write good copy that lands deeply with the reader, you have to check those ideas at the door, and truly get to know who you’re talking to.

If you want your pain points to resonate and make your reader feel like you truly get their struggle… you have to take the time to understand the core of that struggle.

To connect them with the solution you’re providing, you have to understand their deep desire and the transformation they are looking for from you. What transformation do they aspire to have? What do they want to feel? What do they want to experience?

Understanding them on a human level in order to craft a message that resonates with them. This is why research is such an important part of the copywriting process. By understanding your audience, you can tailor your message to their needs and increase the chances of them taking action.

And remember, research is only one component. Research is for your understanding, so you can then translate that into emotion. Humans like to think we are logical, but in truth, we use logic to validate our emotions. Take what you’ve learned about who your audience is and what motivates them, and write that emotion into your copy.

Clear Copywriting Will Always Win

Another important aspect of copywriting is clarity. Again, copywriting is a combination of art and science. Artsy copy is not clear to everyone who reads it. This is where the balance comes in!

Your message should be easy to understand and communicate the benefits of your product, service, or idea clearly. When you combine your research and data with a clear emotional message, then you’ve cracked the code! You’ve found the balance, and now you have a copywriting formula for success.

How to write clear copy…

1. Keep the reading level of your copy at a 6th to 9th grade level. Not because your audience isn’t intelligent but because they are busy. They are probably doing or thinking of something else while reading your copy. So make it easy for them.

2. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that your audience may not understand. Instead, use simple language and focus on the benefits that your product or service provides.

3. Utilize white space so your copy is easy to follow and is phone-friendly. Your copy should be visibly clear, too! Chances are a large percentage of your readers will be reading your copy on their tiny phone screen. If there is a wall of text, it will be a mountain on a phone screen.

4. Use the data to craft your copywriting. If you have past data available to you, learn from it. What subject lines or types of headlines have worked for the company in the past? The more you understand what has worked in the past, the better you can write something that is clear and resonates with your target audience. This is why testing is so vital to any marketing strategy!

5. After you’ve written your copy, double-check your clarity by asking yourself, “Yes, and? So what? Why?” If you can add more clarity to a section using one of these, or all of these, questions, then your copy may not be clear enough yet.

Honesty is Still the Best Policy… Especially in Copywriting

With the overwhelming amount of information and marketing the average person receives on a daily basis… not to mention the amount of scams customers have to filter through daily… the honest, no-BS companies win.

Mark my words, this will be more important in the years to come. to create a sense of urgency.

Urgency is often important in a launch and needs to be communicated clearly in copywriting. People are more likely to take action if they feel that there is a limited time to do so. But the limit MUST be a true limit.

If there is a guarantee, the conditions of it need to be present. If something is exclusive… it needs to be truly exclusive. When you are caught lying to your customer, you lose credibility and will likely lose that customer forever.

When you lose a customer because of dishonest or shady actions, you don’t just lose them. You lose everyone they talk to as well. This also means that if you are honest and ethical in your copywriting, marketing, and business practices, you not only win that customer's trust but also win a company ambassador.

As copywriters, we don’t always have control over this, but we can be advocates for it and educate clients on the long-term benefits of honest marketing.

Copywriting is a crucial skill for anyone looking to communicate effectively with their audience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an activist, purpose-driven brand, or company just trying to sell products that are better than what's on the market. By understanding your audience, being clear and concise, and practicing ethical marketing through honesty, you can craft a message that inspires your audience to take action.

If you want to chat about your copywriting and how you can dive deeper into your audience, communicate with them in the best way, and market your brand ethically, book a call with me, and let's chat!

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