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Copywriting Services & Pricing

Below are just the copywriting highlights, but there are plenty more types of copy and many more that I've done.

If you want a price quote for something special, click the link below to set up a call.

We will chat about your business needs, and I'll draw up a custom proposal for you.  

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Blog Writing

Get exactly what you need to make your blog amazing, plus add an SEO strategy and get your website ranking for high-value keywords while having content your readers love and trust.

Starts at $400

Email Copy

Email newsletters, campaigns, sequences, and flows are vital to the success of your business. Get engaging and compelling email copy that will grow your audience and your brand. 

Starts at $150 per email

Ad Copy & Social Media

Ads copy can sometimes make or break a sales funnel or campaign. Get ad copy that you can trust will encompass your brand and drive your target audience into your funnel.  

Starts at $150

Website Copy

Your website is the face of your company and your website copy is vital communication to your customer. Get copy that is on brand and speaks directly to your audience while inspiring action.

Starts at $500

Long-Form Sales Pages

When launching a product, service, or just a new campaign, your sales page is often the make or break point. Have yours written by someone with specially designed systems for an epic sales page! (i.e., Me)

Starts at $1,500

Lead Magnets

Whether you want to build your email list or sell a high-ticket program, lead magnets are the best way to offer your audience insane value before you even ask them for a penny. E-books, guides, webinars... these lead magnets are just the beginning!

Starts at $500

Services & Pricing: Services

I prefer to customize my packages to your needs, but I also have predesigned packages with built-in badassery!

Email me at for more on these.

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Ready to start a revolution?

Book a call with me and let's chat about your needs. I'll draw up a proposal and we will start a revolution!

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