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Writes like a beast, looks like a fairy.

Hey, I'm Lauren!

Well, you might have noticed that I'm a Wellness copywriter! I'm also a single, queer, gender-fluid parent. I'm a passionate intersectional feminist and activist.

I have a background in holistic health coaching, yoga, and supplements. I am also a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. I left healthcare to grow Littlewood Copy and am now a full-time copywriter for Health & Wellness companies with a certification in On-Site SEO. 

Since I am a passionate and lifelong learner, you can expect to see more certifications added to my list soon!

I am passionate about providing magical copy for my clients. I love to work with them on building a company-specific brand voice and help them translate that throughout their copy. From emails to ad copy and blogs, I do it all. 

My mission is to help Health & Wellness companies increase sales and do it in an inspiring way for all humans! The years of sleazy, shame-based marketing is over! Book a chat, and let's talk!



Health and wellness are not only crucial to me; it's my life's work and my business.

As someone who has worked as a yoga instructor, holistic health coach, PTA, and health & wellness copywriter, brands know they can trust me to create well-informed, customer-facing copy that boosts engagement. 

Whether it's landing pages, blogs, or email marketing campaigns, the possibilities are endless. 

When we talk, they're frustrated in setting up a blog or in their SEO performance. They wonder if they can and should find a health marketing copywriter who can embody their brand voice and deliver optimized copy with creative integrity. 

Especially when it comes to topics of health & wellness, brands want to put their marketing copy in the hands of someone they trust, but without a good copywriter… they're doing things like...

- Trying to stick to a posting schedule but running out of time and remaining inconsistent.

- Not understanding the value of copy that sells, and therefore having lackluster brand authority

- Throwing together an article quickly, hoping people will read it

- Hiring a content mill copywriter who doesn't have specialized experience in health & wellness or SEO

- Staying stuck with old copy and marketing tactics that don't resonate with their target audience 

And trying to do this all yourself can be frustrating, inefficient, and more costly than if you had hired a health copy expert...

I understand that you need fresh, unique marketing copy from a health expert, and it needs to be perfect. When we work together, you will be able to ...

✔ Have support in creating a digital marketing strategy 

✔ Devote more time to other areas of your marketing strategy 

✔ Be a confident online authority in the health & wellness sector 

✔ Attract consumers who will become a part of your brand's community and be automatic brand ambassadors

✔ Not sure what you need? Book a Discovery Call with me below to see how I can help you!

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SEO Specialist Certified 

Get your on-page SEO by someone who knows what they are doing and customizes pricing for your company-specific needs.

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Digital Marketing Certified 

I am certified in digital marketing to provide you with the most effective and strategically written copy possible. This copy method will bring your company the most ROI and is superior to standard copywriting.

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If you want to learn more or need a quote, book a discovery call, and let's have a chat!