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Hey, I'm Lauren (she, they)!

​I don’t know about you, but 2020 made me want to say FML. Between working in healthcare, homeschooling my son, building my business, and the social, political, and viral things happening in the world… I was done!

I wanted to make a big impact on the world that seemed so hurt and broken. I wanted to help build a better world for my family and future generations. 

I started out as a health and wellness copywriter and loved it! I was lucky enough to work with companies who wanted to erase diet culture or build more inclusive language from their messaging. 

After working with companies like this, I knew my greater purpose was to help companies like these get the traffic, authority, and recognition they deserved. 

To be a part of the fuel to the fire that burns down all the old structures that no longer serve us and help build newer ones. I wanted to work with companies making an impact and breaking the mold. 

To work with rebel brands and radical changemakers. 

So, that’s exactly what I am doing! I’m working with any company that wants to help people, take down the patriarchy, and build a more inclusive, uplifting, and sustainable world. 

And make money while doing it!

My mission is to help rebellious, and changemaking companies increase sales, build brand awareness, boost site traffic, and inspire the world! The years of sleazy, shame-based marketing are over! 

Book a call, and let's start a revolution!

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About What I do

How do you engage your audience, live your ethics, and slay in sales?

Sales funnels are great but can a copywriter really help you with that? 

If this is you… you’ve come to the right place!​ Whether it's landing pages, blogs, email marketing campaigns, or an entire marketing and sales funnel strategy... the possibilities are endless.  Put your marketing copy in the hands of someone you trust with a good copywriter.

- Stop trying to throw together content in hopes it will act like a sales funnel.

- Witness the true value of copy that sells, and gain some real brand authority! 

- Never again have to hire content mill copywriters who don’t have specialized expertise or SEO experience. 

- Don't stay stuck with old copy and marketing tactics that don't resonate with your target audience 

Trying to do this all yourself can be frustrating, inefficient, and more costly than if you had hired the right copywriter in the first place...​You need fresh, unique marketing copy from an expert, and it needs to be perfect. 

When we work together, you will be able to...

✔ Have the support you need to create a digital marketing strategy 

✔ Be able to devote more time to other areas of your business 

✔ Become a confident online authority 

✔ Attract consumers who will become love every part of your brand and join you in the fight for a better world

✔ Not sure what you need? Book a call with me below!

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Got a project in mind?

You can click the link below to set up a call. We will chat about your business needs, and I'll make some recommendations.  Then I'll send you a  proposal to help you meet your goals.


You can also check out my Radical Next Level Offers to see what tickles your fancy!

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